University student satisfaction survey
Dear Student,
Please take moment and fill in this short university student satisfaction survey. The results of this questionnaire will be utilized by us so the overall student experience continually refines on our university.
1) How do you perceive the general teaching quality at our university?*

2) How difficulty is it for you to sign up for a subject and to create your semester schedule?*

3) How well is the campus equipped to support your studies (class room and lab equipment, library study materials etc.)?*

4) How satisfied are you with the food served at our university canteens?*

5) How satisfied are you with the university dormitory facilities?*

6) How well maintained are the school premises?*

7) How safe do you feel on the university campus?*

8) How satisfied are you with the sport courses available to students?*

9) Overall, how satisfied are you at our university?*

10) How likely is it for you to recommend our university to the people you know?*

*Answer required