Smoking survey
Dear Respondent,
Please take a moment and fill in this short smoking related survey. The results of the questionnaire will be utilized by us so to understand the prevailing views on usage of nicotine products.
1) Please state your highest reached education*

2) To which age category do you belong?*

3) What are your opinions on the following smoking related statements?

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Smoking is harmful
Passive smoking is harmful
Smoking is worse than alcohol
Smoking is highly addictive
Smoking is expensive
E-cigarettes are harmless
4) Would you ask a stranger at an adjacent table in a restaurant to stop smoking?*

5) Do you think that smoking habits do change with changing technologies like e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches?*

6) Are you/were you an active smoker?*

8) If you are an active smoker, do you consider to quit?

9) If you tried to quit, were you successful? (at least 5 years without smoking)

11) How much do you spend on nicotine products during a typical month?*

12) Do you smoke at home?

13) If you have children, do they smoke?

14) If you smoke what are the reasons why you do so?
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15) How often do you use following nicotine products?*

Nicotine pouches
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