PUBG Mobile - Game Survey
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1) What game mode do you like the most?*

2) What gaming perspective do you use for play?*

3) Have you bought power bank to play PUB G mobile?*

4) Have you purchased any game item with cash?*

5) What is your favorite map?*

6) What is you most popular marksman rifle?*

7) What is your most popular sniper rifle?*

8) What rifle do you like the most?*

9) What is your favorite pistol?*

10) What is your favorite throwable?*

11) Are you member of clan in the game?*

12) Have you tried playing PUBG Mobile emulation on PC?*

13) Have you played PUBG Mobile’s biggest competitor Fornite?*

Dinner to be
14) Did you know that the phrase “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” comes from rooster fights on death?*

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