Mobile games survey
Among Us
1) What type of mobile games do you prefer?*
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2) Which mobile game(s) are you currently playing? (Select all that apply)*
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3) How did you discover the mobile games you play?*
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4) Are you more inclined towards single-player or multiplayer mobile games?*

5) How important are graphics and visual appeal in your choice of mobile games?*

6) Do you prefer free-to-play games with in-app purchases or paid games without in-app purchases?*

Pokemon Go
7) Have you ever spent money on in-app purchases within a mobile game?*

8) Do you follow any gaming influencers or communities related to mobile games?*

9) Have you ever participated in any competitive events or tournaments in mobile games?*

Temple Run 2
10) What 2 features or elements do you consider most important in a mobile game?*
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11) What is your age group?*

12) What is your gender?*

Subway Surfers
13) How often do you play mobile games?*

14) On average, how much time do you spend playing mobile games each day?*

15) How likely are you to recommend the mobile games you play to a friend?*

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