Cryptocurrencies - Online poll
The purpose of this online survey is to obtain public opinion regarding the cryptocurrency phenomenon.
1) Do you currently own any crypto currencies?*

2) How much percent of your net worth do you hold in cryptocurrencies?

3) With which of these crypto currencies are you familiar with?
Please select at least 1 choice.

4) Have you ever mined any cryptocurrencies?*

5) Do you think it is likely that the US government will make cryptocurrencies illegal?*

6) Have you ever purchased any goods or services with crypto?*

7) Do you own a hardware wallet such as Leger or Trezor?*

8) What is your perception of the public cryptocurrency statements of the following individuals?*

NegativeNeutralPositiveI do not have an opinion
Barry Silbert
Charlie Munger
Dan Morehead
Dan Pena
Elon Musk
Michael Novogratz
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss
Bull vs bear
9) What is your one-year prediction of the crypto market sentiment?*

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