COVID-19 Awareness and perception survey
COVID-19 is a new type coronavirus dangerous to humans more than typical strains of seasonal flu. The virus outbreak started late in 2019 in Chinese city of Wuhan. Since then the virus has spread globally to virtually all countries in the world. This wide spread infection is called pandemic. Individual countries have adopted own set of rules to slow down the infection rate and protect its citizens. Many countries have applied various forms of quarantines. Some have made it mandatory to wear facial mask or respirators. Various service providers and shop types have been allowed to run emergency mode or were completely or partially closed during this time.
3M Respirator
1) Are you using any type of respiratory system protection?*

Anti COVID-19 glasses
2) Are you using any type of visual system (eyes) protection?*

Corona virus disinfectant spray
3) Do you use disinfection to clean your home?*

4) Is your workspace disinfected by your employer?*

Using plastic gloves is a practice adopted by many shops and service providers that remain open. The gloves are then safely disposed or disinfected and used again if possible. This protects the user from getting the virus on his/her hands.
Rubber gloves
5) Do you use or carry gloves for events like shopping etc.?*

6) Do you personally know someone infected with the COVID-19 corona virus?
Please select at least 1 choice.

The COVID-19 virus outbreak counter measures will have significant economic impact worldwide. The travel industry and gastro industries will be among the ones which will suffer the hardest revenue decrease. On the other hand, goods transport and e-commerce industries are experiencing sales spike.
COVID-19 Economic impact
7) Are you worried that the current situation will impact your career or business?*

8) What do you think that will be 1-3-year term impacts of the virus outbreak?*

Money for coronavirus vaccine
9) If there would be a possibility to get vaccinated for the COVID-19 would you be willing to purchase the vaccine from your personal savings?*

As of the date of creation of this survey the COVID-19 corona virus epicenters have been in primarily in Asia (China), United States, western Europe (Spain, Germany, France) and Iran.
10) In which continent do you reside?*

11) Do you find it offensive when the COVID-19 coronavirus is referred to as a China virus, Wuhan virus or CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party virus)?*

COVID-19 Baby boom
12) Do you think that the coronavirus will increase the number of newborn babies and thus create a coronavirus baby boom?*

Age group statistics
13) COVID-19 infection has been proven to have a statistically different development and mortality rate for people from different age groups. Please fill in your age group below:*

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