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Thank you so much for being part of the very first DisruptHR Tucson! We are learning and growing and would love your feedback to help us do even better next time.

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Ashley Bright “Unlocking Yes: Strategies to Influence Decision-Making”
Kindra Maples "The Five C's from Training Animals to Training People"
Rudy Montijo “The Greatest Opportunity Never Seized!”
Andrea Barre "Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?"
Steven Harris "M.A.R.C.H Forward For Success"
Shayna Robinson "Accessibility is not an Add-on Service”
Sam Eaton "How Do We Get to a Place That's Placeless?"
Mark Cosby "Mindset Reset 2.0"
Alaina Levine "Create Your Unicorn Career in HR"
Gehan Haridy-Arandowski "HR is NOT Satan! Humanizing the "Evil" Experience"
Tara Furiani "Swapping Swag for Substance: The ROI of People"
Karen Nowicki - Master of Ceremonies

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