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FT Company Climate Survey

Please complete all five survey questions. *THIS IS A TEST SURVEY*

I have access to the tools, technologies and resources that make me successful in providing a superior level of service to our clients.*

CFGI FT leadership provides me with a clear understanding of my objectives and accurately measures my performance against those objective results.*

CFGI FT provides me with challenging professional experiences that are both stimulating and rewarding.*

I believe that my work at CFGI FT provides significant value and ROI to our clients?*

In the last three months I have considered leaving CFGI*

CFGI FT has provided me with relevant learning and certification opportunities , or has effectively placed me in working situations that significantly develop new skills*

CFGI FT enables me to build meaningful professional relationships with my peers, managers and leadership whether through team events or collaborative working environments.*

CFGI's brand recognition provides me with a platform to develop long term professional relationships with our clients and/or suppliers (where applicable).*

CFGI FT has provided me with flexible work/life arrangements that enable me to be successful in both my career and personal time*

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