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Amount of surveys 10 surveys
Amount of questions 10 questions
Amount of responses 200 responses/month
Question types 14 question types (incl. subtypes) are supported
Email customer support in English, Russian, Czech and French languages
Survey templates
Secure connection (SSL)
Survey design
Brand logo
Deactivation of AkioSurvey label in survey footer
Page branching
Question branching
Custom survey link
Survey cloning
Custom color themes
Predefined color themes
Copy/Move page
Copy/Move question
Dynamic page numbering
Dynamic question numbering
Make questions required
Multi-page surveys
Toggle page numbering
Toggle question numbering
"Other" option
Progress bar
Response collection
Respondent identification
Response disqualification
Custom redirect after completion
No ads on response page
Password protection
Response count limit
All languages supported for answers (Unicode)
Custom thank you message after completion
Multiple responses per computer
Send out your survey through web link or email
Embed your survey into a webpage
Share your survey on social networks
Survey responses validation
Mobile devices support
Results analysis
Export of response summary to XLS, CSV and PDF
Export of individual responses to XLS, CSV and PDF
Browse all responses individually
Real-time reporting
Real-time results
Response summary report
View reports online
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