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How It Works

Are you looking for answers?

Do you need to:

  • Organize and evaluate online customer satisfaction survey?
  • Run online employee satisfaction survey?
  • Make an online market research?
  • Perform online patient satisfaction survey?
  • Get to know your employee’s opinion on certain topic?
  • Do 360° survey to evaluate employee’s performance.
  • Help your team with decision making?
  • Make a quick poll to collect available options?
  • Get a feedback about recent changes in your organization?
  • Evaluate student’s satisfaction with subjects and teachers?
  • ...

Compose an appealing survey

Setup your survey

  • Start by setting survey name
  • Set the option of question and page numbering
  • Select one of our predefined color themes or create your own
  • Upload your company’s logo
  • Set the text displayed to the respondents after survey completion or set web address to which the respondent should be redirected after completion

* Some features are available only in paid packages

Ask smart questions

Design your questions

  • Select the question from our 14 question types
  • Add a decorative text or image if needed
  • Move your pages and questions to reach the best look and feel
  • Enjoy the possibility to preview your survey immediately

Send your survey to respondents

Collect your responses

  • Distribute the web link of your survey
  • Share your survey on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Send the email with the link to your survey
  • Embed the survey to your website or forum
  • Optionally use the option to identify your respondents

* Some features are available only in paid packages

Get the full statistic

Analyze your results

  • By browsing individual responses
  • By studying generated response summary
  • By using the option to export individual responses and response summary as XLS, CSV or PDF file

* Some features are available only in paid packages

And enjoy the results!

Put obtained information into work and get:

  • Improvements of your product or service according to customer’s wishes
  • Higher quality of teaching for students
  • Market advantage
  • More effective organization
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • ...
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