A poll for residents by Karim and Steven
Dear Resident,
This survey runs from April 5th through April 30th. Each unit should submit one response. The results of the questionnaire will be shared with the entire community and you can view them at any time. Lastly, this survey was not approved or authorized by FirstService or Gateview's Board of Directors.
1) Which building is your unit in?*

2) Which floor is your unit on?*

3) How many people live in your unit?*

4) What times of the day does your unit use the most hot water? (check all that apply)*
Please select at least 1 choice.

5) Does your water hold its temperature steady after you set it?*

6) If you have water temperature fluctuations, are any days worse than others? (check all that apply)*
Please select at least 1 choice.

7) Does it take over 30 seconds to get hot or cold water in your sink or shower?*

8) Does your toilet feel warm sometimes?*

9) Does your water feel scalding hot sometimes, especially in the shower?*

Thanks again for participating! The next screen you will see are the current survey results. You can come back later at any time to see updated totals by bookmarking that page.
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