Wetility Culture Survey - 2nd Clone
Dear Team member,

Please take the time to complete the Wetility Company Culture survey. This will only take a few minutes.

Feedback is always anonymous and will remain so.

We want to thank you in advance for participating.
Reading the following statements, please give us your feedback. Feedback is always anonymous and will remain so.
1) There are opportunities for growth within the company.*

2) There are opportunities for learning and development within the company.*

3) I know how my work impacts other areas/deliverables of the company.*

4) I know what is expected of me in terms of my duties and role.*

5) I make an important contribution to the company’s success.*

6) Collaboration between various parts of the company is encouraged and there is a culture of collaboration/shared responsibility in the company.*

7) On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you feel the Company promotes and supports constructive feedback?*

8) I can share my worries with management and team members.*

9) I feel able to ask for help when needed*

10) My performance targets are clear and fair*

11) If you could rate the morale of your team on a scale of 1 to 10, what score would you give?*

12) I feel confident that my team members are working hard*

13) I feel motivated to take initiative*

14) I feel energised coming to work most days of the week*

15) I receive the appropriate recognition when due*

16) I receive timely feedback on my performance*

17) I have the necessary tools and systems to perform my work optimally*

18) Processes and policies enable me to do my work*

19) I feel that I can contribute ideas freely*

20) I feel listened to*

21) I feel supported by my team*

22) I feel respected and valued*

23) I have a sense of belonging and purpose*

24) I am proud to work for the Company*

25) I am likely to I am proud to work for the Company recommend the Company as an excellent place to work*

26) I am aware of the Company’s values*

27) I am aware of the Company’s purpose/why the Company exists*

28) The Employer proactively communicates with me when there are important decisions made and when there are changes*

29) The information received from the Company is clear and understandable.*

30) The management team “practices what they preach.”*

31) The management team is visible, approachable, and engaged.*

32) The management team is accountable for their decisions*

33) We do business based on a clear and consistent set of values*

34) Thoughts and opinions are shared honestly and respectfully*

35) There is a team approach to getting work done rather than an individualistic approach*

36) There is a collaborative way of work as opposed to a top-down approach to decision-making*

37) The Management Team Leads by example*

38) The Management Team displays compassion*

39) The Management Team is trustworthy*

40) I am scared to admit mistakes for fear of losing my job*

41) Failure is viewed as an opportunity for improvement*

42) Everyone is treated fairly/the same/consistently according to policies, procedures, and Company values.*

43) Decisions are taken free of discrimination, dishonesty, and favouritism*

44) I am happy working at Wetility*

45) I am satisfied with how performance reviews are conducted at Wetility*

46) I feel recognised for your work and accomplishments*

47) I have enough freedom to decide how to do my work and meet targets*

48) I am involved in decisions that affect my work*

49) Everyone works together with a unified goal - maximizing customer satisfaction*

*Answer required
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